About Yung Femme

Who is Yung Femme?

Yung Femme is a Rapper, Aesthetic Composition Enthusiast, Sartorialist, Digital Artist, Story Teller, occasional poet, personality, recording and performance artist. Yung Femme resides in Oakland, by way of Atlanta. Their art practice is enriched by a love of the collaborative nature of art and the support of being involved in arts community. Yung Femme’s art seeks to add to the long list of contributions of iconic and talented black queer artists.

More about Yung Femme

Yung Femme has always been involved in music, from services at PawPaw’s church, to services at Uncle Kevin’s Church, to Music Classes and choir’s in school, to Jazz choir and musicals as extracurricular, to Harmony Atlanta’s International Youth Chorus, and eventually to YEA, the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta, where Yung Femme would first begin to truly develop a foundational understanding of themselves as an artist and creator. Yung Femme continued to be involved in music through various a cappella groups and choir in college, but more key to the art he creates at this point in time, she began to write poems and raps for open mics on campus. The first rap Yung Femme wrote was for an open mic, it was titled Sleep on Me. Sleep on Me is the birth of Yung Femme the rapper. The next rap written by Yung Femme(not recorded or released until 2018) spurred Yung Femme’s artist moniker, Yung Femme. The name Yung Femme came about by extracting the name she went by in a time of gender exploration that needed to be replaced in the song, “That Yung Femme” kept the cadence of the song, and felt true to the experience portrayed, and Yung Femme’s understanding of themself as a young femme.
Yung Femme began building their portfolio of songs by applying for and participating in artist residencies in 2017, though their portfolio building was cut short when they were diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder prompting a change of pace to care for themself.
Prior to the bipolar diagnosis Yung Femme began to develop digital art skills under the artistic pedagogy of Oakland’s United Root’s Youth Media program and YR Media, formerly known as Youth Radio, taking advantage of being a transitional aged youth. After being Diagnosed with Bipolar Yung Femme returned to his artistic growth at YR Media, where he was able to record and release his first official single Send Sin. However Yung Femme eventually took steps away from music, feeling burned out by the many expenses related to creating work that felt finished. After shifting from music and visual arts, to journalism, to a career in direct service non-profit, Yung Femme is once again actively creating, and wants to step fully into being an artist in whatever capacity they can.
Yung Femme is currently working on completing their first Project, L's, and exploration of Yung Femme's experiences seeking romance with not much luck for 28 years, in collaboration with musical talents Yung Femme admires. In an effort to complete the project Yung Femme is diligently applying to grants, fellowships, and residencies in any time they can spare outside of their 9-5 and goal of starting their own nonprofit.

My Mission & Vision

My goal is to process melancholy so thoroughly and artistically that it becomes a good time. A Vibe so strong that it has a scent and a taste and it’s euphoric to experience.

I want you to be on board for that. I want my art to be a reminder that we are spiritual beings having a bodily experience. An experience where there is depth in being shallow.